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using custom tables with CMB2
// I've copied and pasted then edited this without testing, apols for any errors. It's for illustrative purposes mainly :
// The idea here is that I want to "methods" metaboxes which are going to be a repeatable group with the method itself
// and whichever countries the metabox applies to.
// So eg for a recipe, you'd have "cook the aubergine" in the UK and "cook the eggplant" in the US.
// The methods are stored in custom tables (this is pretend, the code below doesn't do that)
// Adding the metaboxes happens as normal
add_action( 'cmb2_admin_init', 'mjj_add_methods_metaboxes' );
function mjj_add_methods_metaboxes(){
// as normal
$metabox = new_cmb2_box( array(
'id' => 'mjj_mthd_mb',
'title' => __( 'Methods', 'mjj' ),
'context' => 'normal',
'priority' => 'high',
'show_names' => true
) );
// as normal
$method_group = $metabox->add_field( array(
'id' => '_mjj_methods',
'type' => 'group',
'description' => __( 'Different countries have different words for things, so you might need more than one method', 'mjj' ),
'options' => array(
'group_title' => __( 'Method {#}', 'mjj' ),
'add_button' => __( 'Add Another Method', 'mjj' ),
'remove_button' => __( 'Remove Method', 'mjj' ),
) );
// as normal
$metabox->add_group_field( $method_group, array(
'name' => 'Method',
'id' => 'method',
'type' => 'textarea',
) );
// as normal
$metabox->add_group_field( $method_group, array(
'name' => 'Countries',
'desc' => 'In which countries should this method be shown? (Only US, UK and AUS for now)',
'id' => 'countries',
'type' => 'multicheck',
'options' => array(
'US' => 'US',
'UK' => 'UK',
'AUS' => 'AUS',
) );
// This bit is to get the values and put them in the metaboxes on the post edit page.
// I could also hook into cmb2_override_meta_value and look for the _mjj_methods field id and only run this on that.
add_filter('cmb2_override__mjj_methods_meta_value', 'mjj_get_methods_custom_data', 10, 4);
function mjj_get_methods_custom_data( $dont_override, $object_id, $args, $cmb2_field_object ){
// Below is getting my data, you can't really copy and paste this and have it work.
// $mjj_methods = new MJJ_Methods;
// $methods = $mjj_methods->get( array( 'object_id' => $object_id ) );
// Ok, let's pretend that $methods got this:
$methods = array(
'method' => 'This is a method for the US and AUS'
'countries' => array( 'US', 'AUS' )
'method' => 'This is a method for the UK'
'countries' => array( 'UK' )
return $methods;
// This saves the metaboxes.
// runs when the _mjj_methods goes to get updated / saved
add_filter('cmb2_override__mjj_methods_meta_save', 'mjj_save_methods_custom_data', 10, 4 );
function mjj_save_methods_custom_data( $check, $args, $field_args, $cmb2_field_object ){
// each argument is a superset of the argument before :)
// do all the custom saving bits here
return 'something other than null'; // return something other than null
// This is a useful field to have on hand.
// add a hidden field in which to put the id -- I can use this with 'type' => 'mjj_hidden_field' and it works in repeatable groups
add_action( 'cmb2_render_mjj_hidden_field', 'mjj_hidden_field', 10, 5 );
function mjj_hidden_field( $field, $escaped_value, $object_id, $object_type, $field_type_object ){
echo $field_type_object->input( array( 'type' => 'hidden' ) );
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dskurth commented Mar 10, 2019

Nice. Thank you for this. Tell me, do you know why the call back function gets called for the total number of fields plus 1?

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