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Snipcart Gatsby Recipe
const ast = require("abstract-syntax-tree")
const fs = require("fs");
const readline = require("readline").createInterface({
input: process.stdin,
output: process.stdout,
function askValue(question) {
return new Promise(resolve => {
readline.question(`\n${question}\n> `, function (answer) {
async function confirm(question) {
var value = await askValue(`${question} (y)es / (n)o`)
return !!value.match(/^y/)
function openUrl(url) {
var start =
process.platform == "darwin"
? "open"
: process.platform == "win32"
? "start"
: "xdg-open"
require("child_process").exec(start + " " + url)
function setPluginConfigOption(optionsNode, name, value){
const result = ast.find(optionsNode, `Property["${name}"]`)
if(result.length > 0){
result[0].value.value = value
type: "Property",
key: { type: "Identifier", name },
value: { type: "Literal", value },
kind: "init",
computed: false,
method: false,
shorthand: false
async function run() {
if (!await confirm("You will need a Snipcart account to go further.\nDo you already have a Snipcart account?")) {
if(!await confirm("Do you want to create a Snipcart account now?\nYou will be redirected")){
console.log("Run this tool again if tou change your mind!")
const filePath = "./gatsby-config.js"
const configTree = ast.parse(fs.readFileSync(filePath,"utf8"));
const optionsNode = ast.find(configTree, 'Property["plugins"] Property["resolve"][value.value="gatsby-plugin-snipcart-advanced"] ~ Property["options"]')
const publicApiKey = await askValue("What is your Snipcart account's PUBLIC API KEY? You can find it here:")
const defaultLang = await askValue("What is the default language of your site?\nFor example 'en'")
const currency = await askValue("What is the currency of your store?\nFor example 'usd'")
ast.replace(configTree, node => {
if(node === optionsNode[0]){
setPluginConfigOption(node, "publicApiKey", publicApiKey)
setPluginConfigOption(node, "defaultLang", defaultLang)
setPluginConfigOption(node, "currency", currency)
return node
fs.writeFileSync(filePath, ast.generate(configTree))
console.log("\n\nPlugin config has been updated")
console.log("\n\nYou're all done! You can now run `gatsby develop` to see your new site in action.")

Add e-commerce powered by Snipcart

Snipcart is a shopping cart platform for developers.

This recipe will guide you through enabling ecommerce on your Gatsby site.

Create a Snipcart account

If you do not already have a Snipcart account, please register here.

You can use this account for FREE to test things out as long as you like!

Install Gatsby plugin for Snipcart

<GatsbyPlugin name="gatsby-plugin-snipcart-advanced" options={{ publicApiKey:"[YOUR_PUBLIC_API_KEY]" }} />

Pull Snipcart setup script

Snipcart has been installed to your gatsby site!

The documentation of the plugin can be found here.

Please set your account's public API key in the plugin config to get started.

OPTIONAL: To automate the plugin configuration, you can run this command in your terminal: npm run snipcart-setup.

Here's how to add your first Snipcart buy button:

Happy selling!

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