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Created September 16, 2017 04:26
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Basic TeX template for CV
% This file uses an old resume clas (res.cls)
% moderncv.cls is recommemded
% Created by Geevarghese George []
% Inspired from RPI res[2,6].tex template
% sty loaded here in working directory
\documentclass{res} % the [margin] option can cause section titles to appear to the left of body text
%\textwidth=5.2in % increase textwidth to get smaller right margin
%\newcommand{\fullhrulefill}{\hspace*{-\sectionwidth}\hrulefill} % for full ruler fill under name [optional, turn on \fullhrulefill]
% \usepackage[firstinits=true, isbn=false, url=false, doi=false, style=ieee, defernumbers=true, sorting=ydnt]{biblatex}
% \addbibresource{pubs.bib}
% \usepackage{bibentry}
% \nobibliography{pubs.bib}
% \bibliographystyle{plain}
% \usepackage[showframe]{geometry}
% \usepackage{layout} % to see margins and layout
% \usepackage{booktabs} % for thick line under name, use with \hrule \midrule
\author{Geevarghese George}
\def\@tablebox#1{\begin{tabular}[t]{@{}c@{}}#1\end{tabular}} %for centering address below name, defined in res.cls
\newsectionwidth{12pt} % to fit content below section header with some margin [pt]
\setlength{\voffset}{-0.75in} % saves some space; tight pack
\pagestyle{plain} % for pg number in res.cls /normal style
% \def\UrlFont{\usefont{EU1}{lmtt}{m}{n}}
\textheight 700pt
\moveleft\hoffset\vbox{\hrule width\resumewidth height 1pt}
\name{YOUR NAME HERE} % add [12pt] inside {} for a blank line after name
\address{101/2A, Ernakulam, Kerala 682300, India \\Mobile: (+91) 9633010101 $\vert$ Email:\\
%Passport: Lxxxxx2 $\vert$ Date of Birth: 1 Oct 1992 %if needed
\opening % prints name
% else replace \verb or with \url{}
\moveleft\hoffset\vbox{\hrule width\resumewidth height 1pt} % line after name, include \smallskip if needed
% \fullhrulefill
\section{OBJECTIVE} \vspace{4pt}
To carry out independent research work.
\section{AREAS OF INTEREST}\vspace{4pt}
UV Resistant and Flame Retardant Plastic Materials, Biodegradable Materials, Sustainable Plastic Technology, Plastic Processing
\section{EDUCATION} \vspace{4pt}
\textbf{Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology}, Gujarat, India \hfill 2014 - 2016\\
M.Tech in Plastics Engineering (Affiliated to Gujarat Technical University) \hfill GPA: 10/10
\textbf{Cochin University of Science and Technology}, Kochi, India \hfill 2010 - 2014\\
B.Tech in Polymer Science and Engineering \hfill First Class
% \textbf{Mar Basil Higher Secondary School}, Kothamangalam, India \hfill Apr 2010\\
% Higher Secondary Education \hfill 90\%
% \textbf{Mar Basil Higher Secondary School}, Kothamangalam, India \hfill Apr 2008\\
% Secondary School Leaving Certificate \hfill School Topper
\section{PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE}\vspace{4pt}
{\bf Technical Consultant} \hfill Mar 2016 - Present\\
Indian Logistics Limited, Mumbai, India
{\bf Thesis Student} \hfill Feb 2014 - Apr 2015\\
Apollo Tyres Ltd, Thrissur, India
\begin{itemize} \itemsep -2pt % reduce space between items
\item Optimization of fill factor to improve carbon black dispersion in NR, NR-SBR\\ and NR-BR blended tyre compounds
\item Supervisor(s): Mr Chacko K. A. (GM-Technical), Dr Sunil Narayanankutty
{\bf Project} \hfill Jan 2012 - Feb 2012\\
Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi, India
\begin{itemize} \itemsep -2pt % reduce space between items
\item Study on Electrical Conductivity of Polyanilene/Polyurethane Films
\item Supervisor: Dr A. P. Shobha
{\bf Intern}\hfill May 2013 - Jun 2013\\
Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association, Mumbai, India
\begin{itemize}\itemsep -2pt
\item Studied industrial grade tyre testing standards at the Tyre Testing Facility
\item Assisted research staff in mixing and testing formulated rubber compounds
\begin{itemize}\itemsep -2pt
\item \underline{My Name}, \& N. R. Raghu (2016). "Analysis and characterization of UV stabilized metallocene catalysed LLDPE films with conventional ziegler-natta LLDPE”. International Journal Of Advance Research And Innovative Ideas In Education, 2(3), 2932-2936.
\begin{itemize} \itemsep -2pt % reduce space between items
\item Research collaboration with \textbf{Product Application and Research Centre (PARC)}, Reliance Industries Ltd, Mumbai
\item Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing Technology and New Materials, \textbf{Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT)}, Mumbai
\item Conducted independent academic seminars relevant to polymer materials, namely
\subitem- Additives for composites
\subitem- Isolation and characterization of "Agave Americana" fiber for use in polymer composites
\subitem- Biodegradable Starch/Clay nanocomposite films for food packaging applications
\subitem- Extrusion blow moulding and extrusion stretch blow moulding
\subitem- Single screw extrusion
\item Industrial visit to \textbf{JK Tyres} in Mysore and \textbf{Naroto} in Ahemedabad
% Tabulate Computer Skills; p{3in} defines paragraph 3 inches wide
\begin{tabular}{l p{4.5in}}
\underline{Characterization/Processing:} & Raw Material Testing, Universal Testing Machine, UV Weatherometer, DSC, DMA, TGA, FT-IR, Mixing Mills and Curing Moulds\\
\underline{Professional:} & Product Development, Adept in Organizational and Managerial tasks\\
\underline{Languages:} & English, Malayalam (Native)\\
\underline{Others:} & MS Office, Programming in C/C++, Shell, \LaTeX
% \bigskip %not necessary
Last updated: \today \\
% \footerlink %for website, define in preamble
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