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Bugs and Priority



  • Maintaining software is about tradeoffs
  • Shared understanding of tradeoffs is important
  • Tracking bugs is important
  • What priority means?
  • What else should we be using?



  • Depends on the person prioritizing
    • I disagree, I think many times there are standards for our priorities
  • Seems to make the assumption that there is one person setting priority on tasks…not really “at scale”

Not fixed

  • But…it is most of the time….
  • How do we get everyone on the same page?


What kind of defect

  • e.g., crash/data loss/cosmetic

What is the frequency of that defect?

  • Is it happening all the time?
  • Is it happening at a very low rate?


  • Understanding variables key to standardizing decisions
  • Chart for each company is different, only important that people agree
  • Process should be flexible enough to break from time-to-time

Final thoughts

  • Structured data around what kind of defects you have
  • Let’s you build reporting in your bug tracker
  • More informed about trade-offs

Thcipriani final notes

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