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@thde /whois.conf
Last active Nov 23, 2017

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/etc/whois.conf WHOIS records for nTLDs (
# WHOIS servers for new TLDs (
# Current as of 2017-03-19 UTC
\.xn--11b4c3d$ whois.nic.xn--11b4c3d
\.xn--3pxu8k$ whois.nic.xn--3pxu8k
\.xn--42c2d9a$ whois.nic.xn--42c2d9a
\.xn--45q11c$ whois.nic.xn--45q11c
\.xn--5su34j936bgsg$ whois.nic.xn--5su34j936bgsg
\.xn--80adxhks$ whois.nic.xn--80adxhks
\.xn--9dbq2a$ whois.nic.xn--9dbq2a
\.xn--c2br7g$ whois.nic.xn--c2br7g
\.xn--d1acj3b$ whois.nic.xn--d1acj3b
\.xn--efvy88h$ whois.nic.xn--efvy88h
\.xn--fhbei$ whois.nic.xn--fhbei
\.xn--hxt814e$ whois.nic.xn--hxt814e
\.xn--j1aef$ whois.nic.xn--j1aef
\.xn--kcrx77d1x4a$ whois.nic.xn--kcrx77d1x4a
\.xn--kput3i$ whois.nic.xn--kput3i
\.xn--mgba7c0bbn0a$ whois.nic.xn--mgba7c0bbn0a
\.xn--mgbca7dzdo$ whois.nic.xn--mgbca7dzdo
\.xn--mk1bu44c$ whois.nic.xn--mk1bu44c
\.xn--mxtq1m$ whois.nic.xn--mxtq1m
\.xn--ngbc5azd$ whois.nic.xn--ngbc5azd
\.xn--ngbe9e0a$ whois.nic.xn--ngbe9e0a
\.xn--p1acf$ whois.nic.xn--p1acf
\.xn--pssy2u$ whois.nic.xn--pssy2u
\.xn--rhqv96g$ whois.nic.xn--rhqv96g
\.xn--t60b56a$ whois.nic.xn--t60b56a
\.xn--tckwe$ whois.nic.xn--tckwe
\.xn--w4r85el8fhu5dnra$ whois.nic.xn--w4r85el8fhu5dnra
\.xn--w4rs40l$ whois.nic.xn--w4rs40l

mumixam commented Nov 23, 2017

diff for missing tld

< # Current as of 2017-03-19 UTC
> # Current as of 2017-11-23 UTC
< \.stream$
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