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class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
//Map that will contain a key-value combination of detected items
private val itemMap by lazy {
hashMapOf<String, Int>()
override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
val objectPredictor = FritzVisionObjectPredictor.getInstance(this)
var fritzVisionImage: FritzVisionImage
cameraView.addFrameProcessor { frame ->
//Rest of the code
fritzVisionImage = FritzVisionImage.fromBitmap(bitmapOut)
//Get a list of items that were detected in the Image
val visionObjects = objectPredictor.predict(fritzVisionImage)
//Clear the existing map
//Convert the list of objects detected into a Map so that we can track count of similar items
visionObjects.forEach { visionObject ->
if (itemMap.containsKey(visionObject.visionLabel.text))
itemMap[visionObject.visionLabel.text] = itemMap[visionObject.visionLabel.text]!! + 1
itemMap[visionObject.visionLabel.text] = 1
//Print the detected items on the screen
runOnUiThread {
tvDetectedItem.text = ""
itemMap.forEach { map ->
tvDetectedItem.append("Detected ${map.value} ${map.key}\n")
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