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Created August 31, 2019 23:17
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pkgname = musl
license = MIT
maintainer = eater <>
short-desc = Musl C library
homepage =
files.source = `${version}.tar.gz`
build-style = gnu-configure
configure-args = --prefix=/usr --disable-gcc-wrapper {
$CC $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS -fpie `${FILESDIR}/getent.c` -o getent
$CC $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS -fpie `${FILESDIR}/getconf.c` -o getconf
$CC $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS -fpie `${FILESDIR}/iconv.c` -o iconv
install {
# Move everything to /usr.
vmkdir usr/lib
ln -sfr ${DESTDIR}/usr/lib ${DESTDIR}/lib
make DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} install
rm ${DESTDIR}/lib
# provide ldd
vmkdir usr/bin
ln -s /usr/lib/ ${DESTDIR}/usr/bin/ldd
# additional utils from Alpine/NetBSD
vbin iconv
vbin getent
vman ${FILESDIR}/getent.1
vbin getconf
vman ${FILESDIR}/getconf.1
# Fake ldconfig
ln -s true ${DESTDIR}/usr/bin/ldconfig
# Create xbps.d(5) arch override file
vmkdir usr/share/xbps.d
echo "architecture=${XBPS_TARGET_MACHINE}" > ${DESTDIR}/usr/share/xbps.d/musl-arch.conf
vlicense COPYRIGHT
version 1.1.23 {
hash.source = 8a0feb41cef26c97dde382c014e68b9bb335c094bbc1356f6edaaf6b79bd14aa
version 1.1.23 rev 2 { {
echo "Hello world" > /etc/motd
package `${pkgname}-devel` since 1.1.23 {
depends = "kernel-libc-headers ${sourcepkg}-${version}_${revision}"
short-desc += - development files
install {
vmove usr/include
vmove usr/lib/*.a
vmove usr/lib/*.o
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