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2 raphael arc objects
Raphael.fn.arc = function(startX, startY, endX, endY, radius1, radius2, angle) {
var arcSVG = [radius1, radius2, angle, 0, 1, endX, endY].join(' ');
return this.path('M'+startX+' '+startY + " a " + arcSVG);
Raphael.fn.circularArc = function(centerX, centerY, radius, startAngle, endAngle) {
var startX = centerX+radius*Math.cos(startAngle*Math.PI/180);
var startY = centerY+radius*Math.sin(startAngle*Math.PI/180);
var endX = centerX+radius*Math.cos(endAngle*Math.PI/180);
var endY = centerY+radius*Math.sin(endAngle*Math.PI/180);
return this.arc(startX, startY, endX-startX, endY-startY, radius, radius, 0);
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