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Download unaligned celeba (in the wild) in .tgz archive which is significantly faster to extract than .7z

Celeba dataset as explained here:

  • img_celeba.gz: contains unaligned "in the Wild" images
    • originally, the dataset was released as a .7z archive splitted into 14 subfiles (.7z.001 ... .7z.014).
    • the problem is that unpacking .7z on linux is not parallelized on linux (
    • it is therefore significantly faster to
      1. download the files
      2. extract them on windows
      3. compress them with a different format
      4. move them to the server and then uncompress again, using a parallelized compression algorithm
    • In order to prevent others from this hazzle, I host the .tgz compressed file here.
    • use the following commands to download and extract
    pigz -dc img_celeba.tgz | tar xf -
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