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NOTE: I am reading and trying to offer information from what I have seen so far. Everyone will have to conduct their own research and make assessments based on findings.
A way to scan the IFS on an IBM i from QSH
This executes a find utility in QSH
NOTE: this should be on many if not all systems – so far I have tested OS 7.1-7.4 with success *UPDATE I tested this with v5r4 and it worked as well
• SBMJOB = Submits the job, JOB(LOG4JSCAN) names the job, and JOBQ(QCTL) submits it to the controlling subsystem (I have been submitting it here to make sure nothing ends it but you could submit it to another JOBQ)
• Find / = we are searching the root path with find
• -path /QSYS.LIB -prune -o = I am excluding /QSYS.LIB (since it cannot contain .jar files)
• -type f = looking for items of the type files