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Greg Buckner thebucknerlife

  • Los Angeles, CA
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View authusersnew.erb
<!-- app/views/users/new.html.erb -->
<%= form_for :user, url: '/users' do |f| %>
Name: <%= f.text_field :name %>
Email: <%= f.text_field :email %>
Password: <%= f.password_field :password %>
Password Confirmation: <%= f.password_field :password_confirmation %>
View authuserscontroller1.rb
# app/controllers/users_controller.rb
class UsersController < ApplicationController
def new
def create
View authroutes.rb
# config/routes.rb
GifVault::Application.routes.draw do
# This route sends requests to our naked url to the *cool* action in the *gif* controller.
root to: 'gif#cool'
# I've created a gif controller so I have a page I can secure later.
# This is optional (as is the root to: above).
get '/cool' => 'gif#cool'

Intro to Ruby

###by thebucknerlife


  • Birthday: February 24, 1993
  • Creator: Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz)
View foursquare_spoof.json
{"meta":{"code":200},"response":{"fallbackCategory":{"target":{"type":"path","url":"\/venue\/explore","params":{"query":"wifi","sw":"34.056183,-118.284454","ne":"34.100310,-118.232118"}},"refinements":[{"query":"coffee shop"}]},"suggestedFilters":{"header":"Tap to show:","filters":[{"name":"Open now","key":"openNow"},{"name":"$-$$$$","key":"price"}]},"geocode":{"what":"","where":"90026","center":{"lat":34.0766,"lng":-118.2646},"displayString":"90026, CA, United States","cc":"US","geometry":{"bounds":{"ne":{"lat":34.10031,"lng":-118.232118},"sw":{"lat":34.056183,"lng":-118.284454}}},"longId":"162411061580814818"},"headerLocation":"Current map view","headerFullLocation":"Current map view","headerLocationGranularity":"unknown","query":"wifi","totalResults":183,"suggestedBounds":{"ne":{"lat":34.109234265675475,"lng":-118.22999124722052},"sw":{"lat":34.04305066953355,"lng":-118.29043410836876}},"groups":[{"type":"Recommended Places","name":"recommended","items":[{"reasons":{"count":0,"items":[{"summary":"This spot

Example Application Layout File

This is an example or boilerplate layout file. Your layout file is the frame rendered around every view in your app (via the <%= yield %> erb tag at the bottom). Every Rails app has a layout file at app/views/layouts/application.html.erb.

What's Included?

This layout file includes:

thebucknerlife /
Created Oct 20, 2014
A Beginners Guide to Deploying a Rails App on Heroku

Deploying to Heroku

This guide is for a first-time Rails developer to deploy their app to Heroku, a popular web-hosting service with strong Rails support. This guide assumes you already have a Heroku account and have installed the Heroku Toolbelt.

Create Your App and Setup Heroku with Git

  1. Make sure you've setup an SSH key for Heroku. Follow this simple guide to create an SSH key and send it to Heroku if needed: Heroku: Managing Your SSH Keys
  2. Navigate into the folder for your Rails app.

Steps in creating a basic rails app

  1. Define your model(s)
  • What tables should exist in the database?
  • What fields should each table have?
  1. Define your associations
  • What are the relationships between your tables?
  1. Generate models
  2. Create your controllers
thebucknerlife /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Setup AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) in Rails 4

Setup AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) in Rails 4

This is a simple tutorial for setting up AWS SNS with Rails 4. A few details on the implementation:

  • Instead of saving a device_token as an attribute of Users, I save all SNS data and implementation with a separate model - SNSEndpoints.
  • SNS is region specific. I'm using us-west-1 as most of our startup's users are on the west coast. You can use whatever region you like (or the default), just keep in mind your AWS has to be configured for the same region as your SNS app (which you determine during setup in the AWS web console.


thebucknerlife /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Carrierwave - Get future url before upload

Want to know the future location of a file upload? Want fast responses by moving file uploads into a background task with something like Sidekiq? Building an API and you want to immediately tell the client where the upload is going to be before actually uploading the file? Then try the tweaks below. This is definitely a monkey patch - mileage may vary.

class PhotoUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base
  # Note:You've got to be using this option for the magic to work. It's
  # used by default, though, so you should be fine unless you commented
  # it out.
  def store_dir