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Created July 3, 2010 08:24
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Hi its me Brendan sorry for not letting you before embarking on this journey.
i read an online ad. on edinburgh news on the internet about a fascinating
Resort center at a place called TINAPA in West Africa, Nigeria, which is now
the largest tourist attraction center in the whole of Africa.So i decided to
see for myself,and believe me the
few days,i have spent here have really been worth the experience. There was a
native dance group,whose performance thrilled everyone
i was so carried away that i didn't notice i had left my bag where i sat,i
really just had to catch a glimpse of the dancers,and by the time i got back to
my sit,it was gone!
The trouble now is i don't have my credit-card as it was in my
bag and i have exhausted all physical cash on me, i explained the
situation to the manager of the hotel where i lodged and he was quite
understanding on account that i'll get enough money to meet up my
hotel bills as soon as i am able to contact a few friend,and also i need to
purchase my flight ticket.
I have put everything at a rough estimate of about 1,500pounds, i need you to
raise this amount or atleast something tangeable enough and send it to me to
enable me return home.
If everything goes as expected, i should be able to pay you back
by friday next week,please reply back as soon as you get this message cos its
really urgent...well here is the number you can reach me on if you feel you
really wanna talk to me to confirm if this is true its the hotel managers
number 2348029501752
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