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network-conduit on windows expected "END serverSrc clientSink"
{-# OPTIONS -Wall #-}
import Data.Conduit
import Data.Conduit.Network
import Control.Monad.IO.Class (liftIO)
import Control.Concurrent.Lifted (fork)
import Network (withSocketsDo)
main::IO ()
main =
liftIO $ withSocketsDo $ runTCPClient (ClientSettings 5000 "") $ \serverSrc serverSink -> do
liftIO $ withSocketsDo $ runTCPServer (ServerSettings 5002 (Just "")) $ \clientSrc clientSink -> do
_ <- liftIO $ fork $ do
liftIO $ putStrLn "START serverSrc clientSink"
runResourceT $ do
serverSrc $$ clientSink
liftIO $ putStrLn "END serverSrc clientSink"
liftIO $ putStrLn "START clientSrc serverSink"
clientSrc $$ serverSink
liftIO $ putStrLn "END clientSrc serverSink"
START clientSrc serverSink
START serverSrc clientSink
END clientSrc serverSink
START serverSrc clientSink
START clientSrc serverSink
END clientSrc serverSink
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