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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'aws-sdk'
# initialize S3 client
s3_client = 'us-east-1')
# initialize KMS client
kms_client = 'us-east-1')
# retrieve an 'aliase list' (array) of your AWS account's KMS encryption keys
aliases = kms_client.list_aliases.aliases
# select your key
key = aliases.find { |alias_struct| alias_struct.alias_name == "alias/your-key-name" }
# grab the key's id
key_id = key.target_key_id
# initialize the S3 encryption client
s3_encryption_client = s3_client,
kms_key_id: key_id,
kms_client: kms_client)
# specify the path to the file that will be encrypted
path = File.expand_path('../../../../.env', __FILE__)
# open the file. 'put' it to S3. close the file. do |file|
s3_encryption_client.put_object(bucket: 'chime-secrets', key: '.env', body: file)
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