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Combined pathom-viz UI
(ns com.wsscode.pathom.viz.standalone.base)
(defonce app (atom nil))
(defn reconciler []
(some-> app deref :reconciler))
(defn networks []
(some-> app deref :networking))
(ns com.wsscode.pathom.viz.standalone
(:require [com.wsscode.pathom.connect :as pc]
[com.wsscode.pathom.viz.standalone.base :as base]
[com.wsscode.pathom.viz.index-explorer :as iex]
[com.wsscode.pathom.diplomat.http :as p.http]
[com.wsscode.pathom.diplomat.http.fetch :as p.http.fetch]
[com.wsscode.pathom.viz.query-editor :as pv.query-editor]
[com.wsscode.pathom.viz.ui.kit :as ui]
[ :as]
[cognitect.transit :as transit]
[com.wsscode.common.async-cljs :refer [<? go-catch]]
[fulcro-css.css-injection :as css-injection]
[fulcro.client :as fc]
[ :as network]
[ :as df]
[fulcro.client.localized-dom :as dom]
[fulcro.client.primitives :as fp]
[clojure.string :as str]))
(fp/defsc Root [this {:keys [ui/url ui/query-editor >/index-explorer] :as props}]
{:query [:ui/url
{:ui/query-editor (fp/get-query pv.query-editor/QueryEditor)}
{:>/index-explorer (fp/get-query iex/IndexExplorer)}]
:initial-state (fn [{:keys [url]}]
{:ui/url url
:ui/query-editor (fp/get-initial-state pv.query-editor/QueryEditor {})
:>/index-explorer (fp/get-initial-state iex/IndexExplorer {})})
:ident (fn [] [:>/pathom-viz :singleton])
:css [[:.main-content
{:display :flex
:flex-direction "column"
:max-width "100%"
:overflow "hidden"
:flex 1}]
{:resize "vertical"
:height "70vh"
:overflow-y "scroll"
:margin-bottom "5px"}]
{:resize "vertical"
:flex 1
:height "100%"}]]
:componentDidMount (fn [] (df/load
(->> this fp/props :>/index-explorer (fp/get-ident iex/IndexExplorer))
:css-include [pv.query-editor/QueryEditor iex/IndexExplorer]}
(not url)
(dom/div "Please enter a valid URL in the prompt/url query param")
(not (-> index-explorer ::iex/idx))
(dom/div (str "Waiting for index from URL: " url))
(css-injection/style-element {:component this})
(iex/index-explorer index-explorer))
(-> query-editor
(merge {::pc/indexes (-> index-explorer ::iex/idx)})
(fp/computed {:default-trace-size 100})
(def transit-request-middleware
(network/wrap-fulcro-request #(assoc-in % [:headers "accept"] "application/transit+json")))
(defn ->fulcro-remote [{:keys [url]}]
(network/fulcro-http-remote {:url url
:request-middleware transit-request-middleware}))
(defn mount []
(reset! base/app (fc/mount @base/app Root "app")))
(defn transit-read [x]
(-> (transit/read (transit/reader :json) x)))
(defn transit-write [x]
(-> (transit/write (transit/writer :json) x)))
(defn http-request-parser [url]
(fn [_env tx]
(let [{::p.http/keys [body]}
(<? (p.http/request {::p.http/driver p.http.fetch/request-async
::p.http/url url
::p.http/content-type ::p.http/transit+json
::p.http/method ::p.http/post
::p.http/headers {"accept" "application/transit+json"}
::p.http/form-params (transit-write tx)}))]
(transit-read body)))))
(defn ^:export init []
(let [remote-url (or (.get (js/URLSearchParams. js/ "url")
(->> ["Please enter a Pathom endpoint like:"
"You can pass this in through the 'url' query parameter."]
(str/join \newline)
remote-data {:remote {:url remote-url}}
remotes (into {pv.query-editor/remote-key (-> remote-url
(map (fn [[k v]] [k (->fulcro-remote v)])
(reset! base/app (fc/make-fulcro-client
{:reconciler-options {:render-mode :keyframe}
:initial-state (fp/get-initial-state Root {:url remote-url})
:networking remotes}))
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