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export function appInit(i18next: ITranslationService) {
return () =>
whitelist: ['en', 'el'],
fallbackLng: 'en',
debug: true,
returnEmptyString: false,
ns: [
interpolation: {
format: I18NextModule.interpolationFormat(defaultInterpolationFormat)
backend: {
loadPath: 'assets/locales/{{lng}}.{{ns}}.json',
// lang detection plugin options
detection: {
// order and from where user language should be detected
order: ['querystring', 'cookie'],
// keys or params to lookup language from
lookupCookie: 'lang',
lookupQuerystring: 'lng',
// cache user language on
caches: ['localStorage', 'cookie'],
// optional expire and domain for set cookie
cookieMinutes: 10080, // 7 days
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