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Howto install react-native-maps

This document is to help all the react native developers out there actually get the AirBnb Google Maps up and running with the latest react (at time of this writing 0.55).

Please also use this as a "non-cocoapod" option to installing the Google Maps framework.

  1. Install the latest package from the repo
yarn react-native-maps
  1. Download the Google Maps framework from Google:

  • Scroll to Step 2
  • Follow instructions to download
  1. Installing Google Maps for iOS We suggest grabbing all the *.framework (leave the premium MB4 one out if you do not have a Google preimum account).
  • Drag the *.framework into your React Native Xcode project We created a top-level folder for Xcode project called Frameworks for 3rd party vendors

Make sure your GoogleMapsBase.framework, GoogleMapsCore.framdwork, and GoogleMaps.framework are all listed in the Compiled Sources. ** You might need to drag them into Embedded Frameworks depending your Xcode project setup too.

  • Search Xcode Build Settings for "Header Paths" and add your new framwork folder from above:
  1. Install AirMaps React Native Wrapper
  • Open
  • Drag both folders into your Xcode project and ignore the Airmaps.xcproject
  1. Now link
react-native link

We run this command to link the Android side (which works fine as-is) and make sure once we can still successfully link npm updates.


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Can you share your code example

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So this still provides the airmaps issue on build

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Andrfas commented Aug 21, 2018

What does Drag *something* into your Xcode project mean? Should I drag into Libraries folder in XCode, or into some different place?

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