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<div fxLayout="row" fxLayoutAlign='center top'>
<div fxFlex class="form-container">
<h2>Edit your profile</h2>
<form [formGroup]="userForm">
<mat-form-field class="full-width" appearance="outline">
<mat-label>ORCID ID</mat-label>
<input id="orcid" matInput placeholder="" formControlName="orcid">
<mat-error *ngIf="orcid.errors?.pattern && (orcid.dirty || orcid.touched)">ORCID ids start with</mat-error>
<mat-error *ngIf="orcid.errors?.isORCID && (orcid.dirty || orcid.touched)">Please check your id carefully - see <a href="" target="_blank">Structure of the ORCID Identifier</a></mat-error>
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