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Last active July 23, 2018 13:39
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import { isORCIDValidator } from '../../shared/index';
selector: 'user-edit-component',
templateUrl: './user-edit.component.html',
styleUrls: ['./user-edit.component.css']
export class UserEditComponent implements OnInit {
@Input() user:User;
urlRegexPattern: string = 'https:\/\/orcid\.org\/.*'; // Regex pattern to ensure URL starts with
// TODO Regex pattern for 16digit part following this
/* Creating form */
userForm: FormGroup;
// naming form controls as class properties means we can refer to them by name in the html template - see:
orcid: FormControl;
constructor(private userService: UserService) {
createFormControls() {
this.orcid = new FormControl(this.user.orcid,[Validators.pattern(this.urlRegexPattern),isORCIDValidator]);
createForm() {
this.userForm = new FormGroup({
orcid: this.orcid,
ngOnInit() {
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