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Experimental Culture

Tom Chi - Learning Through Prototyping


  • Better to reason with experience/data than guesses
    • Find the quickest path to experience
    • Doing is the best kind of thinking.
  • Smart people will always have good defenses of their guesses
  • "Am I hearing a guess, or am I hearing direct experience?"
    • We want experience
    • "Thinking is a terrible way to think"
  • Wording "conjecture vs guess"
    • When asking what an idea is, conjecture is a lot better to use than "guess"
    • Conjecture sounds a lot more polite, less aggressive
  • Try to mock "real atoms" in time and space
    • Role play if you need to!
    • Whatever's cheapest
  • 100 experiements in X time
    • Better chance of success than one big project where you lose a lot
  • Neutral energy is bad
    • Even with bad energy you probably learned something
  • "Don't guess. Learn."
  • "Don't fail. Learn."
    • "Failure is not an event. Failure is an attitude toward an event."
  • Look for "the 10% bright spots" when you're failing/learning
  • Research vs. Development
    • Research is broad, timeboxed, gets you to the bright spots
    • Development is deep, can take a while
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