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A list of things I find myself always referring to, or I SHOULD always refer to 😄

The source of this is a Gist and is located here


Many pressures tend to make programs more complicated (and therefore more expensive and buggy). One such pressure is technical machismo. Programmers are bright people who are (often justly) proud of their ability to handle complexity and juggle abstractions. Often they compete with their peers to see who can build the most intricate and beautiful complexities. Just as often, their ability to design outstrips their ability to implement and debug, and the result is expensive failure.



Command Line / Linux

Computer Science Fundamentals



Functional Programming


Soft Skills / Management

Engineering Management

News / Mailing Lists

  • Hacker News - Still the best source of engineering related news I've found.
  • - Twice weekly reading club for software engineers. Very good curated content blending technical and "soft" topics.
  • DevOps Subreddit - I haven't found many subreddits very useful in the engineering realm, but the DevOps one is very good and has a welcoming community.
  • ExperiencedDevs Subreddit - No "how do I make a webapp?" questions. Very good technical information, career advice, and team advice.


Productivity Tools

  • Team Gantt - Simple to use planning tool to get a good idea of the overall scope and timeline of a project. Nothing overly complicated. Way easier and better than something like OmniPlan/MS Project or even Asana.
  • Mermaid - Great diagramming tool with ability to have text source files
  • JSONCrack JSON Visualizer - Visualize complicated JSON structures.
  • Markmap - JS based mindmaps based on Markdown.
  • DBDiagram - Make DB diagrams with ascii source in JSON


Source Control

  • gitqlite - Query git repos as if they were sql databases




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