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Last active Dec 16, 2015
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Extend your facebook authentication token.
function fbExtendAuthentication(accessToken){
var extensionData = {
grant_type: 'fb_exchange_token',
client_id: '', //App ID
client_secret: '', //App Secret, only secure because only admins see this page
fb_exchange_token: accessToken,
$.ajax('', {
data: extensionData,
complete: function( jqXHR, status) {
console.log("Facebook extended access response:");
if(jqXHR.status == 200){
console.log("data-extended-access-token" + jqXHR.responseText.split('&')[0].split('=')[1]);
console.log("#facebook-data" + jqXHR.responseText.split('&')[0].split('=')[1]);
} else {
console.log("Error retrieving extended-access-token from Facebook API.");
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