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Last active Oct 4, 2020
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bcrypt-nodejs bug - Invalid salt revision

Bug - Invalid salt revision

Whenever I ran compareSync(password, passwordHash) I would see the error

Invalid salt revision

What did it mean? Where did it come from?

This is the code in the library bcrypt-nodejs

minor = salt.charAt(2);
if (minor != 'a' || salt.charAt(3) != '$')
  throw "Invalid salt revision";
off = 4;

That means it is looking for the letter a in the index 2 position. I checked the password hash and saw that all of mine started with $2b. What is the difference between $2a and $2b? Its a long story that includes many other $2<letter> versions but long story short, reseachers may discover bugs in implementations and will use this lettering to distinguish between older and newer implementations

So bcrypt-nodejs is old.


bcrypt-nodejs is no longer maintained - DO NOT USE IT Instead use bcryptjs Ask your users to create new passwords OR if you havent launched, create new passwords using bcryptjs

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