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class DataTaskDelegate : NSUrlSessionDataDelegate
NSUrlSessionHandler This { get; set; }
public DataTaskDelegate(NSUrlSessionHandler that)
this.This = that;
public override void DidReceiveChallenge(NSUrlSession session, NSUrlSessionTask task, NSUrlAuthenticationChallenge challenge, Action<NSUrlSessionAuthChallengeDisposition, NSUrlCredential> completionHandler)
if (This.certVerification == CertificateVerification.Normal ||
challenge.ProtectionSpace == null ||
challenge.ProtectionSpace.AuthenticationMethod != "NSURLAuthenticationMethodServerTrust") {
// XXX: This throws ArgumentNullException, but according to Apple
// Docs, this is how you indicate you want default result: "For
// other challenges, the ones that you don't care about, call the
// completion handler block with the
// NSURLSessionAuthChallengePerformDefaultHandling disposition and
// a NULL credential."
completionHandler(NSUrlSessionAuthChallengeDisposition.PerformDefaultHandling, null);
Console.WriteLine("Performing INSECURE request to {0}", task.CurrentRequest.Url.AbsoluteString);
completionHandler(NSUrlSessionAuthChallengeDisposition.UseCredential, NSUrlCredential.FromTrust(new SecTrust(IntPtr.Zero)));
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