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Remove jpg when raw existing
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Script:
# Description: This script looks in all sub directories for
# pairs of JPG and RAW files.
# For each pair found the JPG is moved to a
# waste basket directory.
# Otherwise JPG is kept.
# Author: Thomas Dahlmann
# Modified by: Renaud Boitouzet
import os
import shutil
# define your file extensions here, case is ignored.
# Please start with a dot.
# multiple raw extensions allowed, single jpg extension only
raw_extensions = (".Dng", ".cR2", ".nef", ".crw")
jpg_extension = ".jPg"
# define waste basket directory here. Include trainling slash or backslash.
# Windows : waste_dir = "C:\path\to\waste\"
waste_dir = "/Users/marvin/Pictures/waste/"
##### do not modify below ##########
# find files
def locate(folder, extensions):
'''Locate files in directory with given extensions'''
for filename in os.listdir(folder):
if filename.endswith(extensions):
yield os.path.join(folder, filename)
# make waste basket dir
if not os.path.exists(waste_dir):
# Make search case insensitive
raw_ext = tuple(map(str.lower,raw_extensions)) + tuple(map(str.upper,raw_extensions))
jpg_ext = (jpg_extension.lower(), jpg_extension.upper())
#find subdirectories
for path, dirs, files in os.walk(os.path.abspath(root)):
print path
raw_hash = {}
for raw in locate(path, raw_ext):
base_name = os.path.basename(raw)
base_name = os.path.splitext(base_name)[0]
raw_hash[base_name] = True
# find pairs and move jpgs of pairs to waste basket
for jpg in locate(path, jpg_ext):
base_name = os.path.basename(jpg)
base_name = os.path.splitext(base_name)[0]
if base_name in raw_hash:
jpg_base_name_with_ext = base_name + jpg_extension
new_jpg = waste_dir + jpg_base_name_with_ext
print "%s: %s = %s => %s" % (path, base_name, jpg, waste_dir)
if os.path.exists(new_jpg):
shutil.move(jpg, new_jpg)

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commented Oct 28, 2016

there's no mention of which Python version this is for, so I assumed version 3.

When setting the "waste" folder in Windows, the \ character needs to be escaped with another \

For example: d:\path\to\waste

on line 46, the print function should use parentheses, so print(path) instead of print path

on line 60, I'm getting a syntax error at the close quote (") immediately following the last %s. I have not solved that issue yet. Script won't run because of this issue.

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