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Email Notification for Comments
<?php // remove before copy / paste
add_action('wp_insert_comment', 'email_notifications_for_comments', 99, 2);
function email_notifications_for_comments($comment_id, $comment_object) {
if ( ( $comment_object->comment_approved == 1 ) && ($comment_object->comment_parent > 0 ) ) {
$comment_parent = get_comment($comment_object->comment_parent);
$subject = '['.get_bloginfo().'] '.__('Comment Notification');
$body = sprintf(__('Hi %s,<br><br>%s YOUR TEXT HERE &#x2794;<br>%s<br><br>
The comment: <br>%s<br><br>
Reply by clicking on this link &#x2794;<br>%s'), $comment_parent->comment_author, $comment_object->comment_author, '<a href="'.get_permalink($comment_parent->comment_post_ID).'">'.get_the_title($comment_parent->comment_post_ID).'</a>', $comment_object->comment_content, '<a href="'.get_comment_link($comment_object->comment_ID).'">'.get_comment_link($comment_object->comment_ID).'</a>');
$headers[] = 'From: '.get_bloginfo().' <'.get_option('admin_email').'>';
$headers[] = 'Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8';
wp_mail( $comment_parent->comment_author.' <'.$comment_parent->comment_author_email.'>', $subject, $body, $headers );
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atomGit commented Sep 18, 2020

thanks for sharing this - i got here via your link in the ClassicPress petition

here's something that might go well with your function - this is not my code, but i did modify it a wee bit...

* COMMENTS - add 'Reply to <name>' button

if (! function_exists('add_comment_author_to_reply_link')) {
    function add_comment_author_to_reply_link($link, $args, $comment){
        $comment = get_comment($comment);
        // If no comment author is blank, use 'Anonymous'
        if (empty($comment->comment_author)) {
            if (!empty($comment->user_id)){
            } else {
                $author = __('Anonymous');
        } else {
            $author = $comment->comment_author;
        // If the user provided more than a first name, use only first name
        //if(strpos($author, ' ')){
        //    $author = substr($author, 0, strpos($author, ' '));
        // Replace Reply Link with "Reply to &lt;Author First Name>"
        $reply_link_text = $args['reply_text'];
        $link = str_replace($reply_link_text, "Reply to '" . $author . "'", $link);
        return $link;
    add_filter('comment_reply_link', 'add_comment_author_to_reply_link', 10, 3);

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That's a nice start and very much useful in terms of changing the frontend UI of the WP comment system. Just one small fix that's needed though as the text, after having clicked on "Reply to ABC", is changed to "Reply to ABC to ABC". Other than that, all good!

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atomGit commented Dec 18, 2020

hmmm... in my case it doesn't do that

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