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VRTK Education Content Plans
  • Tutorials [Leaning Oriented] (Videos)
    • Small/Medium projects that go from blank state to a completed goal oriented project (e.g. make a kitchen you can teleport around and interact with things)
    • Predominately videos on the VRTK Youtube channel maybe split into a series (playlist) of videos perhaps no more than 10/15 minutes long each.
    • Feasible to have written tutorials but they would probably form chapters of a book
  • How To Guides [Goal Oriented] (Videos/Written)
    • Step by step guides on how to do something with VRTK such as set up a CameraRig, setup teleporting, set up a pointer. More advanced How To Guides could be how to customise a pointer, how to change the underlying structures of the interactable prefab, etc.
    • Perhaps a even split between written guides with video versions simply going through the guides. The written guide could contain a link to the video and the video could contain a link to the written guide. These guides would be self contained and the videos would be a single video on Youtube and the written guide could be a single entry in a GitHub wiki or perhaps the site (if that's still useful, it does offer some good things like versioning)
  • Explanations [Understanding Oriented] (Written)
    • Explanation pieces are blog style articles that explain basics of what problems in VR there are to solve such as how to deal with your real world surroundings/physics with the virtual world physics. How can these problems be overcome? What sorts of locomotion can work in VR what are the benefits/drawbacks of each? Then to the more detailed of explaining some underlying collections and structures within VRTK like what is the GameObject Stack, what is the problem it is solving, why solve it this way, what are the benefits?
    • Predominately written documentation, perhaps on a blog or at a push on a github wiki in a separate section or maybe (but does this sort of thing need versioning? I don't see it).
  • Reference [Information Oriented] (Written)
    • Code documentation that is auto generated from the code comments, forms the basis for the API and explains what each public field/method/event/etc is for and how to use it.
    • 100% written auto generated using something like DocFX.
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