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Working from home

Vignesh thevickypedia

Working from home
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from phonenumbers import geocoder, carrier, parse, timezone, is_valid_number, is_possible_number
phone = parse('target number goes here')
if is_valid_number(phone) and is_possible_number(phone):
state = geocoder.description_for_number(phone, 'en')
t_zone = timezone.time_zones_for_number(phone)[0]
car = carrier.name_for_number(phone, 'en')
print(f'The phone number with {phone} using the Carrier {car} is located in {state} and is currently in the timezone {t_zone}.')
thevickypedia /
Created Nov 13, 2020
Face recognition script that can run in the background
import os
from threading import Thread
import cv2
import face_recognition
class Face(Thread):
def __init__(self):
super(Face, self).__init__()