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You know those times when you want to make a widget title a link? And WordPress strips HTML? Here's a handy way to do that... Paste the code below in your functions file and then use square brackets instead of angled ones when writing your link around the title. For Example = [a href=""] Link [/a] - WordPress doesn't recogniz…
add_filter( 'widget_title', 'your_html_widget_title' );
* html_widget_title function.
* @access public
* @param mixed $title
* @return void
function your_html_widget_title( $title ) { //HTML tag opening/closing brackets
$title = str_replace( '[', '<', $title );
$title = str_replace( '[/', '</', $title );
$title = str_replace( ']', '>', $title );
return $title;
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There's a bug here. Line 16 will never do anything as line 15 will have replaced all [ characters with < characters.

Still useful though :)

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