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Last active October 19, 2016 18:00
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add_action( 'genesis_entry_content', 'your_plugin_slug_repeater_loop' );
* your_plugin_slug_repeater_loop function.
* @access public
* @return void
function your_plugin_slug_repeater_loop() {
$rows = get_field( '_your_repeater_field' ); //this is the ACF instruction to get everything in the repeater field
$i = 0; //this is a variable which sets up the counter starting at 0
if($rows) {
echo '<ul class="your-class-list">';
foreach($rows as $row) {
$i++; //this says keep counting
if( $i % 3 == 1) { // this says, if the item number is divisible by 3 then
$class = '&nbsp;first' ; // add this class
$i = 1; // then reset the counter back to 1
$class = ''; //otherwise don't output anything
echo '<li class="repeater-item one-third' . $class .'"><span class="repeater-title">' . $row['name_of_repeater']. '</span><a title="'. $row['name_of_repeater'] . '" href="' . $row['link_to_repeater'] .'"><img class="" src="' . $row['item_repeater'] .'" /></a><a href="' . $row['link_to_repeater'] .'" class="button">Download PDF&nbsp('. $row['pdf_size'] . ')</a></li>';
echo '</ul>';
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Thanks it was really helpful!!

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Thanks so much for sharing, just what I was searching for! The   in front of the class "first" didn´t work for me, an empty space instead was working (onboard, DesktopServer). Maybe PHP version related? Just wanted to add, if others run into it.

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