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Last active April 27, 2016 15:47
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This little snippet adjusts the Gravity Forms Address fields to allow for Australian Addresses. Includes AU states/
// Gravity Forms Custom Addresses (Australia)
add_filter('gform_address_types', 'australian_address', 10, 2);
function australian_address( $address_types, $form_id ) {
$address_types['australia'] = array(
'label' => 'Australia', //labels the dropdown
'country' => 'Australia', //sets Australia as default country
'zip_label' => 'Post Code', //what it says
'state_label' => 'State', //as above
'states' => array(
'Australian Capital Territory',
'New South Wales',
'Northern Territory',
'South Australia',
'Tasmania', 'Victoria',
'Western Australia'
return $address_types;
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