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Last active August 1, 2022 15:37
A way to make Himawari-8 animations

Himawari-8 animation tutorial

Here’s how to make animations like this one. It requires intermediate Unix command-line knowledge, to install some tools and to debug if they don’t work. You’ll need these utilities:

  • curl (or you can translate to wget)
  • convert and montage, part of ImageMagick
  • ffmpeg, plus whatever codecs
  • parallel, for iteration that’s nicer than shell for loops or xargs
  • run everything in zsh for leading 0s in numerical ranges to work
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# How to echobot with XMPP, BOSH, and Strophe
1. Setup ejabberd( server and setup account admin@localhost.local
NOTE: localhost should be enough. If you setup something else, make sure you add it at /etc/hosts like this
#/etc/hosts localhost.local
NOTE: Also download Psi(, and make sure you can connect to your ejabberd server.
2. Download strophe( and place it (eg: /Users/makoto/work/sample/strophejs-1.0)