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@thiagomg thiagomg/loop2.cpp
Last active Oct 13, 2015

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Range loops - Writing safe
//Positive end means [start:start+end)
//Negative end means [start:size-end)
template<typename T>
range<T> narrow_range(const T &cont, int start, int end) {
int items = std::distance(cont.cbegin(), cont.cend());
if( items == 0 || end == 0 ) //Checking for empty range
return range<T>(cont.cend(), cont.cend());
Some other checkings stripped to make it less verbose
if( end > 0 ) {
return range<T>(cont.cbegin()+start, cont.cbegin()+start+end);
} else
return range<T>(cont.cbegin()+start, cont.cend()+end);
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