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Created December 19, 2021 16:57
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Bookmarklet: Filter Kindle Unlimited books on Amazon Wishlist

Only works on wishlists that only contains Kindle ebooks.

Simple filter by removing '1 click buy', as kindle unlimited available show 'Other buy optionss' button.

Just click the bookmarklet and wait for the "finished" alert

javascript:(function()%7Bfunction removeThings()%7Bconsole.log('running')%3Bconst buyButtons %3D document.querySelectorAll('.wl-info-buy-with-one-click-image')%3Bif (buyButtons.length %3D%3D%3D 0) %7Balert('finished')%3Bwindow.scrollTo(0%2C0)%3Breturn%3B%7DbuyButtons.forEach(btn %3D> btn.closest('li').remove())%3Bwindow.scrollTo(0%2C0)%3Bwindow.scrollTo(0%2Cdocument.body.scrollHeight)%3BsetTimeout(()%3D> removeThings()%2C 3000)%3B%7DremoveThings()%7D)()
function removeThings(){
const buyButtons = document.querySelectorAll('.wl-info-buy-with-one-click-image');
if (buyButtons.length === 0) {
buyButtons.forEach(btn => btn.closest('li').remove());
setTimeout(()=> removeThings(), 3000);
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Any improvements to script are welcome and I'll happily update the script and bookmarklet codes

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