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Last active Feb 12, 2020
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pra atualziar o changelog é
dch -m --team "New upstream release"
gbp dch
para atualziar o upstream
gbp import-orig --pristine-tar --uscan
para rodar a buld
gbp buildpackage
debuild -us -uc
links importantes
ter as branches upstream e pristine tar local
Ai executa gbp buildpackage --git-builder=sbuild -d unstable
$ gbp pq import
# faça suas modificações e comite normalmente quando terminar executa:
$ gbp pq export
gbp buildpackage --git-builder=sbuild -d unstable --build-dep-resolver=aptitude --extra-repository="deb experimental main" --starting-build-commands="apt install -y ruby-all-dev/experimental" --source-only-changes
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