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Parse fullOrders.csv downloaded from Bittrex account
Parse fullOrders.csv downloaded from Bittrex account.
pip install dateparser
import csv
import sys
from subprocess import check_call, CalledProcessError
from dateparser import parse
field_mapping = {
'Opened': {'name': 'TimeStamp', 'ftype': parse},
'Closed': {'name': 'Closed', 'ftype': parse},
'Price': {'name': 'Price', 'ftype': float},
'Quantity': {'name': 'Quantity', 'ftype': float},
'Exchange': {'name': 'Exchange', 'ftype': str},
'Type': {'name': 'Type', 'ftype': str},
'CommissionPaid': {'name': 'Comission', 'ftype': float},
'Limit': {'name': 'Limit', 'ftype': float},
'OrderUuid': {'name': 'OrderUuid', 'ftype': str}
PATH_TO_FILE = sys.argv[1]
# workaround for _csv.Error: line contains NULL byte
check_call("sed -i -e 's|\\x0||g' {}".format(PATH_TO_FILE), shell=True)
except CalledProcessError as err:
# parse csv
with open(PATH_TO_FILE, 'r') as f:
reader = csv.DictReader(f)
orders = []
for row in reader:
order = {}
for key in row.keys():
fmap = field_mapping.get(key)
real_key = fmap.get('name')
order[real_key] = fmap.get('ftype')(row.get(key))
print('Found {0} orders.'.format(len(orders)))
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