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Last active Oct 16, 2018
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Embedding cobot plans on your website with JavaScript


How it works

The example in example.html will display the list of plans when you copy and paste the code into a file named example.html and open it in a browser.

To show your plans instead of the demo space plans change the value of data-space-id from try to the subdomain of your space.

Using on your existing website

If you want to use the example for your own website copy everything between the first <body> tags and the last <script> part from the example.html into your own website.

The coments in example.html explain what each part does.

<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
<!-- Template for plans change this to match your needs. {{word}} and [%word%] will be filed with information from your plans.
To find how the template tags work you can read it here:
You can use all attributes of a plan that are documented in our API docs here: -->
<script id="planTemplate" type="text/html">
<tr class="plan">
<td class="plan-name">{{name}}</td>
<p class="price">{{display_price_per_cycle}} {{currency}} for {{cycle_duration}} Month
</br/><span class="sessions">
{{included_per_timespan}} {{name}} included per {{included_timespan}}.<br />
<p class="extra_price">
{{extra_display_price}} {{currency}} per {{name}} {{#discounts_available}}(bulk discounts available){{/discounts_available}}
<td class="plan-description">
<td class="cancelation period">
{{cancellation_period}} days
{{=[% %]=}}
<a class="plan-link" href="[%url%]" target="_blank">Sign up for [%name%]</a>
[%={{ }}=%]
<!-- end of plan template -->
<p id="welcome">
<!-- This will be filled with the welcome text. Remove if you don't want to show this -->
<table id="plans" data-space-id="try">
<th>Extra Passes</th>
<th>Include Features</th>
<th>Cancelation Period</th>
<!-- This will be appended with the list of your plans according to the template above. Change the data-space-id attribute to include your subdomain e.g. try from -->
<!-- we use jquery for dom manipulation -->
<script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>
<!-- script to handle the provided templates -->
<script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>
<!-- script to parse the markdown formating information in your welcome text, if you don't add that you can remove that-->
<script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>
<!-- script to query the information about your space and fill in the templates -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var CobotFb = {
renderPlans: function(){
var $plans = $('#plans');
var planTemplate = $('#planTemplate').html();
var space_id = $'space-id');
var space_url = "" + space_id;
var plans_url = "https://" + space_id + "";
var plans_req = $.getJSON(plans_url);
var space_req = $.getJSON(space_url);
.fail(function(space_error){console.log('Error getting space', space_error);})
// welcome text
if($.trim(space.description).length > 0){
$.when(space_req, plans_req)
.fail(function(){console.log('Error getting plans');})
.done(function(space_resp, plans_resp){
var space = space_resp[0];
var plans = plans_resp[0];
var display_gross = function(){
return space.price_display == "gross";
var gross_price = function(price){
var tax_multiplier = (1 + parseFloat(space.tax_rate) / 100);
return (Math.round(tax_multiplier * parseFloat(price)) * 100) / 100.0;
var price_to_display_price = function(price){
return gross_price(price);
} else {
return price;
var has_cycle_costs = function(plan){
return parseFloat(plan.price_per_cycle) > 0
$.each(plans, function(){
this.time_passes = this.time_passes.sort(function(a, b){
return parseFloat(a.price_in_cents) > parseFloat(b.price_in_cents) ? 1 : -1
// no hidden plans
this.cycle_costs = function(){
return has_cycle_costs(this);
this.extra_display_price = function(){
var price = price_to_display_price(this.price_in_cents / 100);
this.discounts_available = function(){
return this.discounts.lenght > 0;
this.display_day_pass_price = price_to_display_price(this.day_pass_price);
this.display_price_per_cycle = price_to_display_price(this.price_per_cycle);
this.url = space.url + '/users/new?plan_id='+;
var planHtml = Mustache.to_html(planTemplate, this);
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