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Server to echo HTTP requests.
# usage: ruby echo_server.rb
# Launches a WEBRick server that echos http requests back. This can be
# useful when debugging HTTP requests.
require 'webrick'
# Setup server configuration
logger =
config = {
:Port => 2000,
:Logger => logger,
:AccessLog => [
[ logger, WEBrick::AccessLog::COMMON_LOG_FORMAT ],
[ logger, WEBrick::AccessLog::REFERER_LOG_FORMAT ]]
# setup server
server =
server.mount_proc("/") do |req, res|
res.body << req.request_line
res.body << req.raw_header.join('')
# an extra line must be added to delimit the headers from the body.
if req.body
res.body << "\r\n"
res.body << req.body
res['Content-Type'] = "text/plain"
# set signals and run
['INT', 'TERM'].each do |signal|
trap(signal) { server.shutdown }
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