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I don't want to read anything just tell me what SSD to buy! (last updated: 11/14/2013)
The Samsung 840 EVO is the perfect SSD for most people because of its high performance, low price, and Samsung's excellent reputation for reliability. Don't let your SSD get more than 80% full! See the lists below for more options:
Great high-end drives: (you should probably just get a Samsung 840 Evo)
* Samsung 840 Pro
* SanDisk Extreme II
* Intel SSD 530 (Sandforce-based drives aren't as fast as other high-end drives in good conditions, but they aren't as slow in bad conditions. No other drives work nearly as well in systems without TRIM)
* SanDisk Extreme (Sandforce, don't pay as much as others, not as fast as the Intel SSD 530, same speed as Chronos Deluxe below)
Good mid-range drives:
* Samsung 840 EVO (performance of an 840 Pro with the cost of an 840, uses 1K-endurance memory)
* Intel SSD 335 (Sandforce, 1.5K-endurance memory, 240GB+ only)
* Intel SSD 330 (Sandforce, 3K-endurance memory)
* Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe (Sandforce)
* Samsung 840 non-Pro (1K-endurance memory, 250GB+ only, 120GB version may only last ~3.5 years)
Decent low-end drives: (usually not enough cheaper than mid-range drives above to be worth it)
* Mushkin Enhanced Chronos (Sandforce)
* SanDisk Ultra Plus
* Seagate 600 and 600 Pro (meant to be high-end drives but immediately obsoleted, now seen on clearance)
BAD drives to avoid:
* OCZ drives have very poor reliability due to a combination of component quality and firmware validation.
* Kingston drives have lower quality memory on many models.
* ADATA drives also seem to have issues due to memory validation.
* Crucial drives are plagued by severe firmware issues. The M4 has had a lot of problems but seems to have stabilized (but is a poor value today so shouldn't be purchased), the M500 is brand-new and has known issues, and the V4 is the worst SSD on the market (far slower than an HDD).
* Plextor drives benchmark well but have poorly-tuned firmware.
* SATA300 and other older/last-gen drives are not as reliable as modern drives.
NEW drives to avoid until they mature:
* Crucial M500 (960GB model is interesting, but M500 has firmware issues, Crucial has a BAD history resolving those)
* Corsair Neutron refresh (with 128/256GB capacity, the older Corsair Neutron 120/240GB is bad)
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