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Ryan Dennler thinkryan

  • Mindgeek
  • San José, Costa Rica
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* theLongWayOut.js *
* Well, it looks like they're on to us. The path isn't as
* clear as I thought it'd be. But no matter - four clever
* characters should be enough to erase all their tricks.
function startLevel(map) {
thinkryan / zsh-installation-wplib
Created Feb 18, 2017
Shell installation of Zsh and theme setup on WPLib Vagrant deployment
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# ZSH Installation
# Install git and zsh prerequisites
config.vm.provision :shell, inline: "apt-get -y install git"
config.vm.provision :shell, inline: "apt-get -y install zsh"
# Clone Oh My Zsh from the git repo
config.vm.provision :shell, privileged: false,
inline: "git clone git:// ~/.oh-my-zsh"
thinkryan / base-admin.class.php
Created Feb 8, 2017
Adjust $arrMetaBoxes to be defined with array() instead of '' for additional PHP7 support
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* @author ThemePunch <>
* @link
* @copyright 2015 ThemePunch
if( !defined( 'ABSPATH') ) exit();
class RevSliderBaseAdmin extends RevSliderBase {
thinkryan / us-state-names-abbrevs.php
Created Feb 7, 2017 — forked from maxrice/us-state-names-abbrevs.php
US State Names & Abbreviations as PHP Arrays
View us-state-names-abbrevs.php
/* From */
$us_state_abbrevs_names = array(
View filter-terms-clauses.php
* Filter the terms query SQL clauses.
* @see 'terms_clauses' filter in get_terms() wp-includes/taxonomy.php
* @since 0.1.0
* @todo add filter for $allowed_orderby_keys

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am ryan4021 on github.
  • I am ryandennler ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is F567 ABFE FCCE 30BD 7091 86EB C695 DB36 A9FF 9656

To claim this, I am signing this object:

thinkryan / ajax.js
Created Jul 25, 2016 — forked from franz-josef-kaiser/ajax.js
AJAX in WordPress. Class based example.
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( function( $, plugin ) {
"use strict";
// Working with promises to bubble event later than core.
$.when( someObjectWithEvents ).done( function() {
console.log( 'AJAX request done.' );
} )
.then( function() {
setTimeout( function() {
console.log( 'AJAX requests resolved.' );
thinkryan / .bashrc
Created Dec 10, 2015 — forked from voyeg3r/.bashrc
bashrc based on Linux mint bashrc and other stuffs
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# Last Change: 2012 Jan 05 10:48:29
# ~/.bashrc: executed by bash(1) for non-login shells.
# see /usr/share/doc/bash/examples/startup-files (in the package bash-doc)
# for examples
# Author: Sérgio Luiz Araújo Silva
# Site:
# twitter:
# ( O O )
View gist:7d543d601c0d550472b6
// Fun little quiz
Assuming this string: "January 5th, 2012"
In the shortest amount of code possible, place:
- 'January' within a $month variable
- '5th' within a $day variable
- '2012' within a $year variable.
thinkryan / CustomWidgetFile.php
Created Nov 7, 2012 — forked from jonathonbyrdziak/CustomWidgetFile.php
EMPTY WIDGET Plugin code to create a single widget in wordpress.
View CustomWidgetFile.php
* Duplicate this file as many times as you would like, just be sure to change the
* Empty_Widget class name to a custom name of your choice. Have fun!
* Plugin Name: Empty Widget
* Description: Single Widget Class handles all of the widget responsibility, all that you need to do is create the html. Just use Find/Replace on the Contact_RedRokk_Widget keyword to rebrand this class for your needs.
* Author: RedRokk Interactive Media
* Version: 1.0.0
* Author URI: