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Last active May 25, 2018
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import java.util.*;
public class SumCloseToZero {
public int findSum(int [] a){
int i=0;
int j = a.length-1;
int positiveClose = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
int negativeClose = Integer.MIN_VALUE;
int temp = a[i] + a[j];
//check if temp is greater than 0
//check if positiveClose needs to be updated
positiveClose = temp;
//decrement j, in order to reduce the difference, close to 0
}else if(temp<0){
//check if negative needs to be updated
negativeClose = temp;
//increment i, in order to reduce the difference, close to 0
//means temp is 0, that is the closest to zero we can get, return 0
return 0;
//check the least absolute value in postiveClose and negativeClose
return Math.min(Math.abs(positiveClose), Math.abs(negativeClose));
public static void main(String[] args) {
int a [] = {1, 4, -5, 3, -2, 10, -6, 20};
int closestSum = new SumCloseToZero().findSum(a);
System.out.println("Sum close to zero in the given array is : " + closestSum);
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