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Skeleton React Component with descriptions for all of its lifecycle methods
* @jsx React.DOM
var React = require('react'),
MyReactComponent = React.createClass({
// The object returned by this method sets the initial value of this.state
getInitialState: function(){
return {};
// The object returned by this method sets the initial value of this.props
// If a complex object is returned, it is shared among all component instances
getDefaultProps: function(){
return {};
// Returns the jsx markup for a component
// Inspects this.state and this.props create the markup
// Should never update this.state or this.props
render: function(){
return (<div></div>);
// An array of objects each of which can augment the lifecycle methods
mixins: [],
// Functions that can be invoked on the component without creating instances
statics: {
aStaticFunction: function(){}
// -- Lifecycle Methods --
// Invoked once before first render
componentWillMount: function(){
// Calling setState here does not cause a re-render
// Invoked once after the first render
componentDidMount: function(){
// You now have access to this.getDOMNode()
// Invoked whenever there is a prop change
// Called BEFORE render
componentWillReceiveProps: function(nextProps){
// Not called for the initial render
// Previous props can be accessed by this.props
// Calling setState here does not trigger an an additional re-render
// Determines if the render method should run in the subsequent step
// Called BEFORE a render
// Not called for the initial render
shouldComponentUpdate: function(nextProps, nextState){
// If you want the render method to execute in the next step
// return true, else return false
return true;
// Called IMMEDIATELY BEFORE a render
componentWillUpdate: function(nextProps, nextState){
// You cannot use this.setState() in this method
// Called IMMEDIATELY AFTER a render
componentDidUpdate: function(prevProps, prevState){
// Called IMMEDIATELY before a component is unmounted
componentWillUnmount: function(){
module.exports = MyReactComponent;
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