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A simple way to spin up many blocking bash commands at once, killing all on SIGINT
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This is a basic script to launch multiple programs and kill them
# all at the same time. It does this by launching the first n-1 jobs as
# background jobs, then running the nth job as a foreground job.
# It traps the exist signal produced by doing `CTRL-C` on the CLI and
# iterates through the PIDs of the background jobs and runs kill -9 on them.
# This script also tries to print our the results of each script with
# some color coding to make the outputs of these scripts somewhat readable.
# Requirements:
# - Bash v4 or higher
set -e
declare -A PROGRAMS=(
["UI"]="PYTHONUNBUFFERED=TRUE python -m http.server 5001"
["API"]="npx http-server"
declare -A PIDS
ESC=$(printf '\033')
# Start the background jobs
for NAME in "${!PROGRAMS[@]}"
COUNT=$((COUNT + 1))
COLOR=$((31 + COUNT))
echo "Starting program ${ESC}[${COLOR}m$NAME${ESC}[0m: ${ESC}[2m${PROGRAMS[$NAME]}${ESC}[0m"
if [ "$COUNT" != "$NUM_PROGRAMS" ]
eval "${PROGRAMS[$NAME]}" |& sed -e "s/^/${ESC}[${COLOR}m$NAME |${ESC}[0m /" &
# Trap and kill the background jobs
trap onexit INT
function onexit() {
echo "Shutting down $NAME..."
for NAME in "${!PIDS[@]}"
echo "Shutting down $NAME..."
kill -9 "${PIDS[$NAME]}"
# Start the final foreground job
# NOTE: that $NAME is set to the last value in the loop
eval "${PROGRAMS[$NAME]}" |& sed -e "s/^/${ESC}[${COLOR}m[$NAME]${ESC}[0m /"
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