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Created May 28, 2019
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param([switch]$all, [int]$top)
Push-Location $PSScriptRoot
# Eureka takes longest. start first in new window, takes a while, lots of continual Eureka output
"Launching Eureka startup in another process"
Invoke-Expression 'cmd /c start powershell -NoProfile -Command { .\eureka-start.ps1 }'
# Start Spring Cloud Config server for Producer and Consumer configuration.
# Start RabbitMQ container for Producer and Consumer
# Start MySQL container for API. Mount to keep any existing data and not rebuild DB.
.\docker-mysql-start.ps1 -mount
# Start Redis for distributed caching (API)
# Setup queue and seed with message(s) for consumer processing by running producer console app.
.\producer-init.ps1 -all:$all -top:$top
# See if Eureka has fully started up yet, if not wait.
"Run prep complete. Checking Docker process status`n"
# Show abbreviated docker process status
docker ps -a --format 'table {{.Names}}\t{{.Image}}\t{{.Ports}}'
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