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namespace Microsoft.Azure.Management.ServiceBus.Models
/// <summary>Defines values for EntityStatus.</summary>
[JsonConverter(typeof (StringEnumConverter))]
public enum EntityStatus
[EnumMember(Value = "Active")] Active,
[EnumMember(Value = "Disabled")] Disabled,
[EnumMember(Value = "Restoring")] Restoring,
[EnumMember(Value = "SendDisabled")] SendDisabled,
[EnumMember(Value = "ReceiveDisabled")] ReceiveDisabled,
[EnumMember(Value = "Creating")] Creating,
[EnumMember(Value = "Deleting")] Deleting,
[EnumMember(Value = "Renaming")] Renaming,
[EnumMember(Value = "Unknown")] Unknown,
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