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@echo off
if "%1" == "" goto usage
REM Expecting trailing \ on folders passed in
set artifactsFolder=%1
set folderToBackup=%artifactsFolder%deployPackage\
set zipLocation=%artifactsFolder%
set buildFolder=%~dp0
set zipFilename=%zipLocation%DeployMyApp.7z
set zipExe=%zipLocation%DeployMyApp.exe
echo Artifacts folder is %artifactsFolder%
REM Create the zip file
7za.exe a %zipFilename% %folderToBackup%
REM combine SFX (Self Extracting Archive), install config text file, & zip file into EXE
copy /b 7zS.sfx + Zip-Install-Config.txt + %zipFilename% %zipExe%
REM delete zip file now that we have self extracting archive exe
del /q /f %zipFilename%
REM if a second parameter treat as a directory to copy exe to
IF NOT "%2" == "" xcopy /y /r %zipExe% %2
goto exit
echo Expected an artifacts folder with trailing backslash as the 1st parameter.
echo 2nd parameter is an optional folder to copy zip exe to.
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