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use std::mem;
/// Struct that can be used to store a vector of bytes and sent
/// to JS
pub struct JsBytes {
ptr: u32,
len: u32,
impl JsBytes {
/// Create a new `JsBytes` wrapper consuming the bytes
pub fn new(mut bytes: Vec<u8>) -> *mut JsBytes {
let ptr = bytes.as_mut_ptr() as u32;
let len = bytes.len() as u32;
let boxed = Box::new(JsBytes { ptr, len });
/// Creates a `Vec` from a raw *mut JsBytes
pub unsafe fn from_raw(ptr: *mut JsBytes) -> Vec<u8> {
let boxed: Box<JsBytes> = Box::from_raw(ptr);
Vec::from_raw_parts(boxed.ptr as *mut u8, boxed.len as usize, boxed.len as usize)
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