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curryable functions in python - no kwargs yet
import inspect
from functools import partial
def curryable(func):
spec = inspect.getargspec(func)
nargs = len(spec.args)
if spec.varargs:
raise ValueError('Hard to make a multiarity function curryable')
if spec.defaults:
raise ValueError('Hard to make a function with default arguments curryable')
#TODO try to keep kwargs working
def curryable_function(local_func, args_left):
def new_func(*args):
if len(args) > args_left:
raise TypeError('func takes %d args at in this form, %d args total' % (args_left, nargs))
elif len(args) == args_left:
return local_func(*args)
return curryable_function(partial(local_func, *args), args_left - len(args))
return new_func
return curryable_function(func, nargs)
def foo(x, y, z):
return x + y + z
print foo(1,2,3)
print foo(1)(2)(3)
print foo(1, 2)(3)
print foo(1)(2, 3)

thomasballinger commented Mar 4, 2013

Should write this in Python 3.3 so signatures can be dynamically set

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