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Pastebin helper for Online Python Tutor
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import urllib
import webbrowser
def get_opt_url(s, from_bpython=True):
""" Use json to post to github. """
if from_bpython:
def fix(text):
return ('\n'.join(line[4:] if line[:4] in ('... ', '>>> ') else '### '+line
for line in text.split('\n')).encode('utf8'))
s = fix(s)
url = ''
s = s[:-1] if s.endswith('\x0A') else s
#Doing encoding manually instead of urllib.encode because order
data = [
('mode', 'display'),
('cumulative', 'false'),
('heapPrimitives', 'false'),
('drawParentPointers', 'false'),
('textReferences', 'false'),
('showOnlyOutputs', 'false'),
('py', '2'),
req = url + '#code=' + urllib.quote_plus(s) + '&' + urllib.urlencode(data)
return req
def view_in_opt(s):
if __name__ == "__main__":
s =
print get_opt_url(s)
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