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Prototypic fix / test case for
private static final Pattern PREFIX_TEMPLATE = Pattern
private static final String KEYWORD_TEMPLATE = "(%s)(?=(\\p{Lu}|\\P{M}\\p{M}*+))";
* @see DATACMNS-363
public void supportNonLowercaseUnicodeAttributeNamesInQueryMethodNames() throws Exception {
PartTree tree = new PartTree("findBy생일And이름", DomainObjectWithSpecialChars.class);
assertPart(tree, new Part[] { new Part("생일", DomainObjectWithSpecialChars.class),
new Part("이름", DomainObjectWithSpecialChars.class) });
class DomainObjectWithSpecialChars {
String øre;
String år;
String 생일; // Birthday
String 이름; // Name
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